You know that feeling when you top off your look with the perfect pair of sunnies... the cherry on top of a sundae - and suddenly you’re ready for whatever the day has to offer? When you walk out the door with your look on point and the whole world feels like your playground? Yeah, that’s the rush we’re chasing. Whether you’re hopping on an international flight (a girl can dream), grabbing coffee down the block, or going on your third hour of mastering Tik Tok moves, our collection is fresh, fun, and ready for anything - just like you. 


With inspiration ranging from chic 60’s mod to laid-back 90’s sass and everything in between, our glossy statement styles feature dreamy colors, unique face-framing shapes, and vibes for days. We’re high quality without being pretentious, because we think style should run wild, and never be taken too seriously.


We recommend you keep a pair handy for whenever you need an instant boost of confidence or a little sunshine injected into your life. Pairs well with a large iced coffee, a sunset happy hour, a devil-may-care attitude, and an eternally summertime state of mind. It may feel like a whole new world out there, but we still believe in two things: that the future is bright, and that a good pair of sunnies helps you live your best life.